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World's first
Digital Financial Officer

Smarten up your finance.

Lesslie the DFO

Your accountant and banker, made digital. Lesslie combines your company’s banking, finances and accounting, so you can make better decisions faster. We source data from your bank, business system and tax authorities to make finance as easy as it should be.

Holistic financials

Lesslie keeps all your financials gathered. Bank & tax accounts, corporate cards and e-commerce wallets.

Smooth automation

Lesslie automates manual tasks and administration related to accounting and payments.

Smart accounting

Lesslie always has an eye on your accounting to guide you when action is needed.

Easy banking

Lesslie does your banking right where you run your operations, making finance work easier and more efficient.

Financial overview

Get a complete overview of your bank, tax accounts and other financial services related to your business.

Smart features for your finance

Everything your business needs to manage your finances, without the stress.

Automated payments

Lesslie automates payment flows. Outgoing & incoming. Domestic and cross-border, Lesslie automatically converts invoices to payments. You choose when a payment gets processed without being countersigned.

Automated reconciliation

All accounting reconciliation between your business system and your bank is up to date and accurate, at all times.

Cross-border payments

Rely on Lesslie’s network of international banks to help you with currency conversions, paying suppliers at low cost and reconciling all account transactions in real time.

Economic smartness

Smart accounting and easy banking. That’s what gives Lesslie the power to advise and guide you on accounting, audit or banking services. With notifications at just the right time.

Smarten up your finance.

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