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Committed to
smarter finance

Digital finance shouldn’t be complicated. We made it our mission to smarten up banking and accounting. When businesses choose Lesslie they experience easier finance and smoother accounting.

The story

We founded Lesslie in 2020 because banking and accounting should be easy. Our mission to smarten both up is supported by two converging mega trends: digitalization driving automation and regulation pushing open banking.

Also, we believe that internet banks and business systems will be the same thing in the future.

Our team

Lesslie is home to bright sparks from cross-functional teams with deep experience in banking, payments, accounting and technology.

We have first-hand experience of all the problems and pains you face with financial administration, both as entrepreneurs and from our background as accountants and bankers.

Join us

We’re based in Stockholm with eyes on the rest of the world. Our teams are small and perfectly formed. Business, developers and creatives can work together to help each other by sharing expertise.

We trust you to do what’s right. You’re in charge of your own time and your own creative solutions—so don’t ask for permission, just try it. We’re developing languages, libraries, compilers and building tools for regular tasks. And we need exceptional people. People like you.

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Smarten up your finance.

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